Military, espionage, and political thrillers.

Bandit, A James Bandit Thriller


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When they kidnapped her, they didn’t count on him.

Being shot by the CIA means James Bandit has some downtime. A beautiful reporter catches his eye, and cyber ops offer the chance to hang up his combat boots for good, for her sake. But she doesn’t need him behind a laptop, she needs him behind a gun.

The terrorists hired to kill Najida decide to keep her instead. She’s taken into Syria, to be delivered to their genocidal leader. Qadir’s reasons for wanting her are as bizarre as they are dangerous, and no intelligence agency has ever tracked him down.

Her only hope is for Bandit to form an unlikely alliance with a Russian soldier and an Iranian hacker. They go on the warpath to save her, but the CIA isn’t through with him, a deadly force is hot on their trail, and time is running out.

“Like Tom Clancy and Brad Taylor got drunk one night and made a fast-paced action hero.”