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Military, espionage, and political thrillers.

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Why hand over your email address to yet another author?

Okay, so you got here because you followed the link in the back of one of my books.

Which means you probably read the whole thing, and you probably enjoyed it enough to want to read more.

So here’s the deal.

Every time I send out a newsletter, I raffle prizes. It’s a premium service I only offer to readers who subscribed from the backs of my books. My go-to gift is the trusty ole Amazon gift card, and the $ amount and the # of cards varies each time. All subscribers have to do is reply to my newsletter with a blank email, and they’ve entered the drawing.

Why do I do it?

To pay it forward. My fans enable me to make a career of this, and I want to reward their involvement in my success by making the reading experience even more fun.

You’re going to send me spam, aren’t ya?

Nope. I’ll send notifications of new releases, cover reveals, sneak peeks of a few chapters ahead of launch, and perhaps an occasional update if you haven’t heard from me for a while.
So no spam, although you’ll want to make sure your email service provider doesn’t mistakenly dump my newsletters into a bulk or spam folder, ’cause then you’ll miss out on all the prizes.

So, wanna sign up?